Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ebooks in the Sciphone i68+

Electronics books are still one of the main uses i give to the phone and there isn't one day i pass without read at least a chapter of a novel on it.

In the i68+ model things are pretty much the same as in the P168.
The supported format is TXT and the only visible change is the background of the fullscreen in the ebook reader. It now has a clear blue sky instead of the old white.
Looks weird at first but it gets comfortable to read when you get used to it.
I also think the fonts are better in this model.

All the rest is the same as in the previous cellphones.
If you have ebooks in PDF format you can allways select all the text, copy it and past it in a notepad. Then you can save it as TXT and transfer it to the ebook folder in the phone.

It is possible to read a PDF directly in the phone but for that you need to install a Java app dedicated to that purpose. We will explain how in another post.


  1. im looking forward for that pdf thing .. also it would be nice if you also post how to use ms office in 68+.

  2. I must be having a different version of i68+ as the background is white. In addition, the font size is still the same even if I change it in Settings. Another issue is that when you set Full screen to On, you won't be able to change it back (actually, you won't be able to change anything as the Options will become accessible only after you delete your e-books!).

  3. I also love reading ebooks. I use a simpler method of getting text from pdfs. You can always save the pdf as text. That's an option under Filed beneath Save a Copy.

  4. hi everybody i try to read a ebook with txt format on my I68 ; i have the file but when i open it the screen is empty. could u help please thanks a lot . Dino From Belgium

  5. to read pdf files on sciphone...
    Install the program MobilePhonePDF and enjoy pdf files....

    Link to Download:

    Abração do Brasil!!!