Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sciphone i68+ features

i68--- by douglasemiliano.Today we start this blog about Sciphone Cellphones like i68, i68+, i69 etc.

Let's begin with the Sciphone i68+ features

Size: 111 mm x 60 mm x 11 mm
Double Sim, two cards active at the same time
Built-in gravity inducer supports auto horizontal, video and picture

Touchscreen) 3.2" ,262K colors, 240*320
Internet: WAP, GPRS
SMS, MMS, Voice Mail
JAVA - Allow loading games and apps
Internal memory : Micro SD 1GB (included). Supports up to 4GB.

Bluetooth: 2.0 High speed data transfer.
Audio format supported: MP3, MIDI, WAV, VMA.

Video format supported: 3GP/MP4
Weight: 100g
USB charger and car adapter included
Camera: 640x480, 320x240 (works as a webcam too)
Multilanguage menu
GSM GPRS 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
Data transfer type: USB / Bluetooth
Games, Calendar, Alarm, Calculator, 64 tones
USB cable for PC connection and battery charge
Includes 2 batteries
Standby Time: 200 - 420 horas
Talk Time: 200 - 380 minutos

These were the features

From all the chinese phones this is the most similar in looks to the Iphone. It doesn't have all the features of that one but is a much improved phone compared to previous models.
It now have JAVA support, dual sim dual standby and FM radio.

The Operating System is also newer and easy to navigate with more menu options.

Overall it's a good phone and a much better experience than my previous P168. I still miss the lack of 3G, GPS and a good camera but we are still talking about a very cheap device with good features like touchscreen, dual sim dual standby, FM, Bluetooth, built-in gravity inducer, shake to change songs and images feature, Java support and all for little more than a hundred bucks.

You can ask for more but it sounds a little exigent


  1. is it really 3.5" ? mine is 3.2" ..

  2. Hi trevino,
    You are right! I've just measured mine and it's 3.2" :-(.

  3. Yes, i'm sorry for the mistake. I updated the post to reflect the truth now. Thank you

  4. It's a pretty cool phone for the price. I've only had mine a few days and so far so good.

    MY only issue is with the Caller ID. I need to have it and it's gonna be a pain to "fix" it (see the caller ID post).

    I like having the audio and video in it. It's a great toy that's a phone too LOL

  5. Hi

    We are having trouble getting the blie tooth on this phone to bond with my ford radio any help would be grateful



  6. Does This Phone Have A regular Web Browser? How Do U Get To It?

  7. hi! I am using this iphone(i68+), since few days and I am so confused weather it supports the wi-fi Internet service. If so then how? Hope to listen soon from your side...

  8. how u can download app in this phone (i68+)

  9. how do I get my phone to work in shake ang gravity mode

  10. i brought one i68. its some what troubling at first with its reaction time.after some days its i have problem with battery ,and i hope it will be improved in future ,bcoz comparing with two days back now battery life is increasing by usage

  11. Hi

    Does anyone know how to extend the backlighting time? I cannot find any option in the menus.