Thursday, January 1, 2009

The FM Radio on the Sciphone i68+

One of the new features in this phone is the new FM Radio.

With a simple interface and design it allows us to enjoy the FM we like wherever we are.

To access it we should go to "Multimedia" and select "FM Radio".

When opened it reminds us to connect the earphones because it doesn't work without them. This is because it uses them as antenna and won't turn on if not connected.

If we want to listen the radio through the speakers we should go to "options" - "Settings" and change to on the "Loud speaker".

The "Bakground Play" option allows us to listen the FM even when returning to the main menu or in another application.

In the main screen of the FM we can use the buttons to move ourselves over the frequency in amounts of 0.1 or we can use the "search" to jump from stations with a good signal.

In the options we have a Channel List to add the radio stations we like

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  1. the volume is way too low, any fix for that?