Friday, January 2, 2009

How to install JAVA apps in Sciphone cellphones

One of the best things these phones have is the JAVA support, which gives us the power to add programs and games to the few it includes.

You should remember though that not every game and app out there will work on this phone. Many of them won't load and others will but you wont be able to move it inside because of lack of keyboard support with our Touchscreen.

In this post we will explain how to install the apps to test them if they work. In another post we will put a list of apps and games that work for this phone and the links to download them.

We should start with a .JAR file. I give you a sample with a game to try.


Connect the sciphone to the USB port of your computer and copy the file to the JAVA folder.
Once done, unplug the cable and in the phone menu go to "Documents", then "Memory Card" and go to the JAVA folder.

Here they are some chinese games you can install and it should be the file we just copied.
Let's click on it and select "Install"

A cup appears and the installation begins. In the middle it asks us if we are sure to install it and we answer YES.
Then let us decide where to install. We should select the memory card.

The installation continues and in the end we can decide if we want to launch the app.

We should test it to see if it works and if we like it. If not we can always go to the JAVA menu, then Java again and in the list of installed apps, just select the one we don't want and then select "Delete".
By doing this we uninstalled the app but the file is still on the memory card. To completely erase it we should go to the Java folder and delete it too.


  1. local connectivity is on never and i don't have java file for down load now what

  2. my sci phone don't have a jave file how do i open a file

  3. Same Here, I bought 2 I 68+ and none of them has the Java file. Connected one to the PC and created Java Folder, then copied Othello_Deluxe_3D.jar to the file. When I selected the copied file, there is no option to install. I also read somewhere that there was no Java Loader in the phone. could it be the reason???

  4. I copied the sample file given and it showed up on my phone, but it wouldn't allow me to install. I believe it's because the file is a zip. I tried to open it but it said something about the file being to big.

  5. it works! i didnt have the JAVA folder to. do this:

    1) Connect the sciphone to the USB port of your computer

    2)Than ill get two folders; one of the H:\ and one G:\ in the G:\ make a folder called JAVA.

    3) Put the Othello_Deluxe_3D.jar in it.

    4) Turn the connection with the sciphone and USB port of your computer off.

    5) Look in your Sciphone by ''Document'' and than ''Memory Card'' and than ''JAVA''

    6) Click on Othello_Deluxe_3D.jar and than click INSTALL (on Memory Card)

    (I have the Sciphone i68+)

    Good Luck ;) Thanks for this post Navegante!

    Greets :)

  6. Well said LucSon.

    The thing with the two drives is that one is for the internal memory of the phone and the other is for the memory card (micro SD). First one of the two letters is the memory card and there should be the Java folder.

  7. Lucson's idea on "making a "JAVA" folder worked perfectly!!

  8. But where do I find more apps?

  9. i did all those steps...didnt start with a java folder...and when i click options when on the file in the phone...there is no option for install...will someone helP?

  10. you dont need any java folder, just simply use the usb lead to transfer any java game onto ur memory the game by using documents on the phone menu then navigate to the memory card and install whats listed, by clicking on it , it will ask if u want to install..............most games wont work anyway

  11. I Download File, and follow all instructions. The File only Appears as Zip Not Jar.....Any Suggestions?

  12. Hi people! I found a nice site with some nice how to's on these phones,

    I found how to set up internet connection on my i68 Sciphone.

    Check it out!

  13. just put the java file in audio file

  14. i did ecerything ya'll told me to and it all worked thanks so much. I got tricked into buying the rocada xphone, I was told that it was just like the Iphone which it isn't but then I bought this one and I'm impressed

  15. i dont get 2 drivers i only get H driver

  16. which format bokks could be read on my sciphone. pdf isnt working?

  17. well where is the links to other apps bro

  18. ive installed a diiferent app but i cant seem to hear the sound. i installed the guitar app

  19. hey can any teel me about sciphone i9++++
    model is there any problem in the phone

  20. Hi, After installing the apps how to add a menu item short cut for the same. I have Sciphone I9+++. I have six page menu, in which all the games asks to install the java app. I want to remove them and put the links for the new java apps which I am installing.

  21. Ihave recently aquired an sciphon, when i plugged it into the computer to download some music the touchscreen function disappeared now i cannot use the phone, It is the model 16GB

  22. hey where can i purchase this Sciphone which give me the warrenty

  23. theres a austrailian seller on ebay (go to and type sci phone and select the latest model, its about $150aus with postage. in austrailia its the law to supply a minumum of one year warrenty with all produts

  24. when you download Othello_Deluxe_3D.jar it will save as a .zip file in your pc...
    just change the extention from .zip to .jar and you can install it...

  25. i created java folder on copied the file on my i9++i didnt work

  26. On Lucsons method, what do you mean H:/ and G:/ ?where do i make those folders ?

  27. Ok I had the same Problems as everyone here and its very simple

    first thing i made fault is that I have downloaded games in .rar dokument I have tried to change the file name to .jar but the Sciphone tells me youst this file is corruptet...ok

    I dont made a Java folder or something you dont need to but you can if you wish.

    I loaded new Games in .jar dokument from the site
    Luis told before :

    but the .jar file in the recived folder
    and now it workt^^

    damm why does this damm phone had no handbook ?

    Ok thx everyone and lets play^^

  28. Does everone else's texting work on the phone because I put my sim card in and it lets me call receive calls and send texts but for some reason i can't receieve texts... anyone know why??

  29. thank you. worked perfectly. i was trying to use the apps dnloaded from itunes, but it does not work. the JAR file you have here worked fine. is there a way to install the iPhone apps?

  30. this website has alot of info. waiting on my i9+++ to arrive. anybody have any useful i9 info or java links feel free to email me.

  31. can u help me thow to install java games?in sciphone i9+++?

  32. Hi , Does the apple iphone apps work on the sc iphone i68+ ???

  33. im still not able to get these apps on my phone i got i68. is there a twitter app for this phone?

  34. Hi,im trying to install java,i went 2 documets then memory card then java and it said empty when i clicked on java. help!!!

  35. i have the same problem too.. i can't install the java app. i was not able to find any java folder in the memory card. i had already created a java folder but still it wont work. can any body here help me how to install java on i9+++ because i guest thats the problem of this fone. thanks in advance. you may also email me at

  36. i got a sciphone i68 do u have to change the ime code to the one that works with the sim card u want to use e.g tesco mobile

  37. help me. how can i install apps on my sciphone. and how can i put things on the SD card. Where do i get the apps?

  38. where can i find a drawing/doodle app for the sciphone?

  39. i dont understand why my internet is in China script. is there a way i can change that

  40. Is there any way to make a shortcut of the Java Game in the Menu ?

  41. first thing you hava to buy a sd micro memory
    then intall it in to the phone
    all the sciphone hava java in it
    loaded new Games in .jar
    games on the phone asks to install the java games are not good. get new games
    Connect the sciphone to the USB port
    you will see two folders
    make a file to intal it
    make a folder called java or game in your sd car
    Look in your Sciphone by Document and Memory Card and then java or game
    Click in the game.jar and than click install
    memory car
    intall the games.jar in the sd micro car
    it asks us if we are sure to install it and we answer YES.
    we want to launch the app to see if it work

    games work good
    othello deluxe 3D
    get then on

  42. the games installed in my sciphone 4g arent asking me to install java game plz help me hw cn i install java gamevto use those apps...nd hw cn i install flash software in it so i i cn watch videos on youtube...!!

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